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 Chen Hui-Chiao  

 A Room with a View     

 Mixed media      
 Art Space I, 2F   

The bed is a place of rest; it is a place where dreams, love, and life and death are made. Chen uses military cots as her medium to create an installation that reflects on the threats technological advancements and international warfare present to the planet we call home. Advances in technology have greatly enhanced military might. Air forces are benefiting from airplanes, satellite communication, space exploration, and self-propelled missiles as well as other self-guided weapons made possible by artificial intelligence. As a result of an insatiable thirst for military expansion, humans are now living under many layers of satellite control and surveillance. However, when we look into the sky, we still see the brilliant stars whose light symbolizes the journey of individuals’ spiritual awareness. In this infinitely vast universe, each of us has our own star.

A Room with a View consists of several military cots on which Chen has woven into a vast scene of the skies, oceans and rainbows to symbolize soaring army jets. Underneath the cots are military issued bathroom products. White towels hanging in the bedhead rack are embroidered with poppy flowers and Winter Triangle constellations. This work is installed as the constellations of Canis Major; Mirzam, in particular, is a star in Canis Major that symbolizes protection and communication.

Chen Hui-Chiao

Chen mainly works with installations and frequently uses materials such as feathers, flowers, cotton, and needles and thread. She also employs geometric shapes and media such as stainless steel, acrylic, glass and ping-pong balls. She integrates mythology and astrology in her works to create a visual construction with a literary flare. Chen is one of the founders of ITPARK.

No.177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan +886(02)8773-5087    ︎