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- Where is Ai-Guo Lin?

   Artist: Co-coism
   Event: Performance


Honor-Guard Marching Band’s Golden Pig of Prosperity, 2019 New Year's Day Flag-Raising Ceremony

Artist: Co-coism
Visual design | Jaivi Chen
Executive producer | Bruno Yen

Date: 1st January 2019, 6:00
Venue: In front of Art Space IV

Do you covet the impressive and masculine posture and attitude of an honor-guard marching band member? Would you like to become a stylish manly man who is adored by all? Do you have to “be a man” to fit into mainstream society? Is being muscular the ultimate fashion accessory? Where is Ai-Guo Lin is a total makeover program tailored to your specific needs. The program will get your prepared for a grand honor-guard marching band performance by changing your daily life habits, everything from what you eat and wear to what you do and use. Your dreams of becoming the ultimate macho man will be more than just a dream, it will become your reality!

All effeminate men who participate in this program will become standard Ai-Guo Lins and proud members of the honor-guard marching band. As the first ray of sunshine lights up Taiwan on the first day of the new year, the band will raise their guns in salute and honor their country by marching gallantly forward into the new and auspicious year.

* These events are open for the public to audit or watch from the sidelines, free of charge.
* The organizer reserves the right to modify or cancel the event.

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