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Girl, Machine, and Experiments

Forum curator and host: Chen Tai-Sung
Speakers: Chi Hui-Ling, Huang Chien-Hung, Miyako

Date: 9th December 2018, 14:00-16:30
Venue: Workshop 2F

A revolutionary force has been eagerly awaited in the stifling, hopeless chaos brought by mainstream institutions. “Girls” ergo emerge to meet this historic destiny, serving as an emblematic metaphor for revolution in contemporary narrative texts of all stripes. By way of comparison, they ooze greater charm with vividness than women seen as sophisticated goddesses incarnate in which socially codified properties tend to manifest themselves. The feminine purity finds perfect expression in girls’ innocent nature and fresh vigor, representing a force to be reckoned with by others and therefore embodying Gilles Deleuze’s idea of agencement, a war machine made from heterogeneous elements of individuality.

With its indebtedness to Chou Man-Nung’s work Girl Machine, this forum seeks to examine girlhood studies as a subcultural phenomenon, and then weave it into the curatorial context of “Re-Base: When Experiments Become Attitude” – how a girl, which is little more than a self-loading program or a force coded with pink color, matters a lot to the total warfare of cultural experimentation. Clarifying the meaning of the base and the location of the battlefield, or, what we – by harnessing the power of girls – should experiment upon, thus becomes a more pressing issue underlying this forum quite apart from providing workable definitions of girlhood studies, machine and experiment.

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