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 Deng Yau-Horng  

 Shadow of a Cocoon 

 Acetal resin and fiberglass    

 Remainder and Green 

 Mixed media

 A Calyx. A Petal. A Bone. A Bark Shadow       

 Concrete and mixed media

 Seeing the Past in a Trice     


 Never Happened     


 Political Warfare Building, 1F   

That which flies in the sky is glory, that which crawls on earth is a pity. The inconsequential, desiccated body of a rat on the side of the road is espied in Deng Yau-Horng’s language of sculpture. Deng is an artist who continues to recreate long-forgotten objects in the form of large sculptures.

In this exhibition, Deng will create an aesthetic perspective that is utterly unique in this world of reality through the conversation he has had with the dried up body of the dead rat that he brought home five years ago. The rat’s entangles whiskers contain all the strands of memories that it has forgotten. Those unseen regrets that wander the space of the former Air Force Commanders Headquarters become even greater in the abandoned space. The great army and country have had to re-established elsewhere; now, the large rat resides in the empty building that symbolizes regret.

Deng collects abandoned and leftover things, he also gives new meaning to these things by assembling, molding, and sculpting them. He reassembles different abandoned items – such photographic paper, soaked tea bags, flower pots, scrap paper – into new objects. He also uses decaying organic materials such as duck and chicken heads, pig’s foot, and apple cores. After inconsequential objects have been thrown away and forgotten, Deng resurrects them through remolding and reconstruction.

Deng Yau-Horng

Deng is a sculptor who currently resides on the Guanxi Old Street of Xin Zhu. He was born in Nantou City and graduated from Chinese Culture University. Deng’s works are primarily sculptures, though he also dabbles in mixed media and photography. Deng takes left-behind objects and gives them new possibilities by translating them into sculptures.

No.177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan +886(02)8773-5087    ︎