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 Artists : Shu Lea Cheang
               + Matthew Fuller
   Event : Performance


Sanatorium for Information Shock-Workers First Set
Artists: Lim Giong, Lee Min-Ju, Hung Tzu-Ni, Lai Tsung-Yun, Betty Apple

Date: 17th to 18th November 2018, 17:06-6:12.  (From sunset to sunrise, overnight event)
Venue: Art Space II, 1F
Admission to all events are free of charge. Prior registrations are suggeste and are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. If applications are oversubscribed before the deadline, we will stop accepting applications without further notice. Please visit for full details.

*The organizer reserves the right to modify or cancel the event.

Model of the “Sonata of Sleep.” Courtesy Melnikov Family Archive.

These events seek to reinterpret Konstantin Melnikov’s plan for the building Sonata of Sleep. Melnikov, an architect during the Soviet era and after, believed sleep was the foundation of health and proposed to build a multi-sensory dormitory that used relaxing and soothing sounds to improve the quality of sleep for the shock-workers of the first five year plan. The architectural scheme was never realized in Melnikov’s lifetime. Now, Taiwan-based sound artists participating in this project will reconstruct Melnikov’s concept and build a sound sanatorium for workers who are exhausted by the constant bombardment of information in this post-industrial era.

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