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A Short History of Experimentation: When Images Are No Longer What They Were

Forum curator and host:Sing Song-Yong
Speakers:Chang Shih-Lun, Kuo Liang-Ting,  Enkaryon Ang, Shen Bo-Yi

Date: 19th January 2019, 14:00-16:30
Venue: Art Space I, 1F

We live in a contemporary world of images, from which escape is nowhere on the horizon — and the possibility for claiming otherwise doesn’t even exist. We are simultaneously besieged with images and turned into images by them. If we’ve been under the ubiquitous influence of images, how should we reacquaint ourselves with them in a radically different fashion and experience a moment of epiphany through speculative reflection? On top of that, “Re-Base: When Experiments Become Attitude” gives prominence to the relational trinity of experimentation, site and attitude, rendering the urgent matters on hand so complicated and thorny that require our further enquiry. What does it mean by “experiments become attitude”? How do experiments fuse with spatial contexts haunted by the specter of history? Will images become the determining factor behind such fusion? What formal and conceptual tools are available for artists to entice their audience and provoke a revolt within the art world or spark the insurgency of images?

In view of the aforementioned problematique, we’re honored to have a star-studded line-up of well-experienced critics of transdisciplinary arts at this forum, where they will offer perceptive insights into “Re-Base: When Experiments Become Attitude” in general and the exhibits in particular in terms of the latter’s audio-visual attributes, sites and multiple configurations, thereby proposing not only pertinent questions on the exhibition theme but also cogent arguments that reconcile astute observation and practical criticism, through which experiments will be reactivated and images regenerated.

* This event is limited to 100 attendees, please visit for full details.
*The organizer reserves the right to modify or cancel the event.

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