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 Where is Ai-Guo Lin?  

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Co-coism will recruit an honor-guard marching band for the exhibition and demonstrate how an authoritative system generates strong initiatives through physical demonstration. The performance will also showcase the power of scrupulous training and examine the traditional values attached to gender.

In order to ensure that the band exemplifies power, might, and masculinity, each member must be highly disciplined. They must adhere to rigorous physical training to set fine examples for their community and nation. In direct defiance to all these principles, Where is Ai-Guo Lin? is composed of a team of effeminate men who, at some point in their lives have been called ladyboys and sissies. The team has hired a professional military instructor who will conduct a patriotic honor-guard training course in basic band etiquette and gun-yielding techniques. A series of advance masculinity courses will also be taught so that these effeminate men can become proper and manly Ai-Guo Lins. (Note: Ai-Guo implies a patriot.)

Through this satirical performance project, the team challenges the traditional notions that fragility and weakness in men are unacceptable and that a strong nation can be built only from belligerence and might. The team will present their final product – the Honor-Guard Marching Band’s Golden Pig of Prosperity – on the first day of 2019 during the New Year’s Day flag raising ceremony while a formal counterpart is performed in front of the Presidential Palace in the same time.


Co-coism, established in 2016, consists of key members Hung Chien-Han, Chang Kang-Hua, and Huang Ding-Yun, emerging theater directors in performing arts. Their forms of performance are not limited by any media and they have developed their oeuvres based on concepts of live exhibition/performance, responsive creation, and immersive experience.


- I Have a Gun! Ai-Guo Honor-guard Marching Band Training

“I Have a Gun! Ai-Guo Honor-guard Marching Band Training” will be spearheaded by a professional military instructor who will knock all the feminine qualities out of the participants and make them real men who are manly enough to stand proudly in the front row of the flag-raising ceremony as heros and patriots.
Be a Man! Advanced Class for Good Men’s Taste
The sessions will be taught by outstanding men in their various fields of expertise. From attitude to life tips, the mentors will teach our participant how to become proper men.  
1.Muscle is Might |Testosterone Overload Fitness Class
2.Somber and Righteous |Fathers’ Journey on Raising Children
3.Silent and Resolute |This is How Men Do Fashion
4.Precision and Speed|How to Become an Internet Sensation

- Honor-Guard Marching Band’s Golden Pig of Prosperity, 2019 New Year's Day Flag-Raising Ceremony

Visual design | Jaivi Chen
Executive producer | Bruno Yen

No.177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan +886(02)8773-5087    ︎